As a fast growing dry cleaning company with high standards for quality, we are dedicated to providing our customers a comprehensive range of cleaning services.

On this page, we'd like to share our approach to cleaning and caring for various types of garments and upholstery, as well as some of the tips and insights we've discovered over Glesgo's years of experience in the industry.

Haute Couture

Glesgo provides special care for designer clothes and fine dresses. Our dry cleaning process, which includes five major steps is designed to ensure delicate fabrics come out looking as good as new.


Here at Glesgo, we take no chances with something as precious as a wedding gown. Glesgo cares for your gown so that it stays in perfect condition.

In order to cater to the unique requirements of each gown, we look into any instructions provided with the gown or on the garment care labels. In order to avoid damaging any delicate beadwork, sequins or lace, our machines substitute perchloroethylene with a non chemical solvent specifically designed to preserve the glue that attaches embellishments to gowns, prevent shrinkage and avoid the chemical odor associated with typical dry cleaning solvents.

Suits & Shirts

A crisp looking suit is a hallmark of professionalism and taste. In order to maintain the quality of your suit's fabric and prevent the accumulation of dirt, have suits dry cleaned after every two or three wearings.


With the right care your window covers can remain as beautiful and sharp as the day they were hung up. At Glesgo we pay special attention to delicate fabrics and decorative adornments such as tassels, beading and fringe. Your draperies will be revived, pressed, and delivered to your home at your convenience.


Have too many beds that need to be made? Too many bedsheets, pillow cases and covers to keep track of? Let Glesgo take away the hassle. We can pick up your linens, have them cleaned and returned within 24 hours!


We clean footwear of all kinds, and there is nothing quite like a glossy, fresh smelling pair of shoes that has been dropped off at Glesgo. We can make your old shoes a joy to wear again.


Our special cleaning and care process helps revive the beauty and life of purses, satchels, evening bags, business cases, and luggage.

Our specialists carefully remove stains on leather handbags and purses to sustain their original look.


Cleaning hats is a tricky business, but here at Glesgo we're up for the challenge at the drop of a hat! Hats often have ornaments and embellishments glued on, and our new equipment with special environmentally friendly solvents are ideal for ensuring your hat retains its shape and detail.

Carpets & Rugs

All kinds and sizes of carpets, rugs and upholstery are handled at Glesgo. We carefully determine the type of pile ("pile" refers to the thin loops of fabric of which the carpet is composed) before selecting the appropriate cleaning procedure, since each type of pile requires a slightly different approach.

Alterations & Repairs

We offer alterations and repairs for various types of garments.